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Tips to Boost Your eCommerce Business with Digital Marketing

The percentage of total retail sales associated with ecommerce business has been growing with each moving quarter for years. That healthy market is excellent news, but on the downside, it points to increasing competition. For each eCommerce business, it can be harder (and more expensive!) to attract the right customers.

But there are many levers to pull so you can get more out of your eCommerce digital marketing campaigns. And now is the high time to get started, with the active holiday season just around the corner.

Here are some easy and efficient methods to begin driving further. online sales through your eCommerce funnel.

1. With Google Shopping ads reach in-market shoppers

Google Shopping campaigns are not a brainer for any eCommerce company. With a Shopping campaign, you can prominently display your products at the top of the Google search results at the correct moment people are looking to buy the kinds of products you sell. Your Shopping ads can cover product images, price points, ratings, offers, and other essential info that makes it simple for customers to “add to cart.”

Once you’ve uploaded product data to your feed—a master spreadsheet that describes vital attributes of your products—to Google Merchant Center and attach your Merchant Center account to your Google Ads account. Google will then automatically generate ads for your products whenever a user searches a relevant query.

2.Remarket to them with display ads!

According to our report on Google Shopping benchmarks, the average Google Shopping conversion rate is slightly under 1%. In other words, about 1% of all clicks on Google Shopping ads convert into purchases. Does that mean Shopping campaigns are a waste of time? Nope. Even if it doesn’t instantly lead to a sale, a click signifies a valuable interaction between your prospect and your business.

Here’s what the 2% conversion rate means: You might have to make some extra effort if you want to bring those customers back to your eCommerce website. That’s where remarketing gets in.

Remarketing enhances your eCommerce conversion rate because it reels on-the-fence shoppers back in. You can tell them about that pair of shoes they were eyeing the previous week. Maybe now they’re able to buy!

You can also use remarketing campaigns to target customers who found you through Google the next time they’re on Facebook!

3. With Shopping on Instagram, turn likes into sales

For years, the universal wisdom has been that search marketing is for driving sales and social marketing is for building brand awareness. Though search (including Google Shopping) is undoubtedly an excellent way to convert low-funnel prospects, social is most definitely a perfect way to reach new audiences. This absolute difference between the two channels is becoming less and less valid each year.

Why? Three words: Shopping on Instagram.

Once you’ve uploaded a product list to Facebook and set up a business profile on Instagram, you’re able to tag your products in your organic feed and Stories posts. Suddenly, the users who view your organic content no longer need to travel to your website if they wish to make a purchase; instead, they can click on the product they’re involved in and follow the link to a similar page on your website.

What makes social shopping such an excellent eCommerce business tactic is the removal of friction. By enabling your followers to make purchases effortlessly, Instagram has completely brought search power to social media.

4. Instill trust with customer reviews

So—you’ve started doing Shopping on Instagram. Things are going great in the sense that it’s bringing a large volume of visitors to your product pages, but things are going poorly also because those page views aren’t converting into sales at a high rate. Is there an e-commerce marketing tactic you can use to boost your conversion rate?

Yes: customer reviews. Limited discretionary income makes consumers careful about spending their money, and few things are more reassuring than a gleaming review from someone who’s already purchased one or more of your products. Throwing reviews and ratings on your product pages is a time-tested, outspoken way to turn more site visitors into customers.

5. Up your cross-selling game with pop-ups

Another method to boost your eCommerce digital marketing strategy is with pop-ups: the windows temporarily take over website visitors’ screens to present them with extra offers. You can use pop-ups to attract a prospective shopper with a discount offer or add another product to their shopping cart.

Pop-ups have a terrible reputation—but there’s a reason they’re so pervasive. They work! Primarily when used to present people with legitimately relevant offers—a limited-time discount, a sale. Use them properly, and they can drive a ton of additional revenue for your business.

6. Win new customers with referral marketing

One last eCommerce marketing tip: Apply the power of referral marketing to turn the energy of your most loyal customers into a regular stream of new business.

For the ones who may not know, referral marketing is the method of motivating your customers to inform others about how much they admire your business. The purpose, of course, is that your prospects are way more inclined to trust their family and friends than they are to trust your ads. Tactically, it’s pretty similar to curating client testimonials; the critical distinction is that it’s more direct. Generally, your prospects rely on their loved ones more than they trust random people on the internet.

To Conclude

No eCommerce business can thrive in an increasingly crowded landscape without a thoughtful, full-funnel marketing strategy. If you want to keep the sales growing, you’ve got to begin brainstorming immediately. With these tactics to try at every stage of the marketing funnel, you’ll be in excellent shape. Get to it!




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  1. Rodolfo Davis
    July 22, 2021 Reply

    Wow, it’s these tips are really amazing. I will follow these tips for my e-commerce website.

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    July 23, 2021 Reply

    Hi Cameotalkies!
    thank you for sharing all your wisdom!

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    July 23, 2021 Reply

    Great article 👌 nice

  4. Suresh
    July 26, 2021 Reply

    Hey Cameotalkies, I’m new to all this OnlineMarketing business, and I must say that I have learnt quite a lot from you. I have been viewing your websites and social media for a few weeks now and I just absolutely love learning the new tips and strategies you suggest. Thanks a lot man.


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