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Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies for Photography Business

No photographer desires to get into the photography business to become a marketing expert. But the truth is that if you don’t focus on the marketing and business end of photography, your business will not last long enough to do the fun stuff. It stinks, but this is the truth. You can get the digital marketing strategies for photography business.

Fortunately, the learning curve at the beginning is the most challenging part, and as you get used to the business side, everything will become much more simple for you. Eventually, you may even learn to enjoy it or appreciate the work after observing how important it can be in taking you where you desire to go.

So here are 10 of the essential marketing strategies for photography you can start right away to make sure your photography business succeeds:

1. Use Your Personal Network

Nobody desires to be that annoying marketer that always pushes their business on their friends and acquaintances. However, this fear can move photographers way too far in a different direction, never working with the people that have grown to believe them the most. Your network is your most vital asset and even more so at the start of your photography business. These are the people who will provide you your initial jobs and introduce you to your first customers.

Photography is something unique in that no matter what genre you are connected in, people in your network will most possibly need your services at some point. Whether it’s event or wedding photography, family portraiture, print selling, or business portraiture, let your network know what you create and how you can benefit them.

Generate a mailing list and send out an announcement to your network. Show your best work, read about your photography business, and make sure to explain how you can benefit people.

How can your business help them?

They will not understand unless you tell them. In addition, make certain to ask for referrals.

2. Take Advantage of Local Marketing

Whenever you say the word marketing nowadays, for some reason, everyone immediately starts talking about social media. That is ridiculous because as important as social media is, it should be one of the last steps to think about any marketing plan.

Your initial step should be working within your local community. Similar to the previous point, these are people who know you. You are simply down the road from them. There are businesses of all sorts in your community that can probably use your work. So build a plan for how to get in front of them.

3. Create a Mailing List

Email lists produce the highest engagement of any kind of marketing, and it is the way for you to remain on people’s minds.

Ask people if you can connect them on your list, and always opt into the subscription. Put popups or signup forms on your website that encourage people to join. Consider giving away something to enable them to do so, such as free computer wallpapers of your photography.

When sending out emails, generate content that your list will enjoy. Do not sell too often with it. The more benefit and interest you provide for the people on your list, the more they will appreciate it and the more they will admire you. Then when you sell, they will prime to buy your services or product. When it’s time to sell, sell.

4. Create a Personal Project

Personal projects won’t bring new clients to you right away, and they will take away time from building your business and earning a living. This is the problematic side of doing projects, but they are essential for your business’s long-term growth and growing your voice as a photographer. A project can be done gradually over a long period to build it into your weekly schedule.

5. Respond Quickly

There is no point in creating your marketing strategies for photography business or marketing your work if you will not respond quickly to inquiries. Respond soon at every step of the process throughout a job as well. Responding fast does not have to mean within the hour, although sometimes that can help when receiving a new inquiry. It can mean answering within 12 hours or a day, as long as you are consistent and prompt.

6. Develop Your Connections (Both Local and Online)

Whichever position in your career you are at, and whatever level your experience level as a photographer, begin at that point and build connections there. Then with time, work your way up the ladder. Be patient, be wise, and don’t try to push too hard at first, particularly with people who don’t know you. First impressions are unlikely to get back. Grow your network carefully and consistently.

7. Keep Your Existing Clients Coming Back

It can assist in creating a client management system. Please keep in contact with your best clients, and even consider sending them holiday cards or a small gift to remain in their minds. A small gesture can go a great way, and it is much easier to get an existing client to come back than to reach a new one.

8. Makes Certain Your Website Sells

Think about your website as your number 1 selling tool. Whatever your leading service is, your site should be developed for the particular purpose of driving clients to hire you for that service or for buying one of your products.

Study copywriting basics, create specific sales pages for your offerings and even consider creating sales funnels that lead people to an end goal. These can be compelling ways of priming people to make them work with you.

9. Take Advantage of SEO

SEO, or rating highly in search engines, is a long-term strategy that takes some studying to learn.  It would be helpful if you always concentrated on local networking first, as that can get you rapid gains, whereas an SEO campaign can take years to get you where you want to be true.

But this being said, SEO should not be overlooked because most people will use Google to find the right photographer for them. Always remember, the purpose of Google is to serve up the most relevant websites for the query topic. If you desire to rank for a particular term, make sure to build the best possible page to answer that query. Without this, an SEO strategy will not operate.

10. Build a Regular Plan

All of this is too much to do in a hectic month of working. Similarly, your marketing skills will grow steadily, so take your time and be strategic about how you work through your marketing strategies for photography business. You do not want to waste a whole month contacting everyone. You can only burn out soon after.

Keep aside a daily block of time to develop your business. Contact a few people daily or every few days. Utilize the feedback from those to tweak your next pitch. Over time, you will understand what works and what does not. A small amount of work daily will ultimately snowball into much bigger things.


The central theme is that you have to put yourself out there. The work will not simply come to you. Construct an organized plan, stick to it, and go for it. Be both careful and relentless. That is what is needed.

It may seem like there is a massive wall in front of you that is difficult to cross. But if you chip it out a little bit each day, you will discover that you have cleared up many paths through it within a few years.




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    Wow super informative ! Thanks for making the effort.

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    Wow!!! A great article for Photography Bussiness. I learned a lot from it today.
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